Yoga Movement

Saturday Mornings, 11:15am–1:00pm
Series, $12 per class/ Drop-in, $15

Yoga Movement combines the flow of dance with the form and precision of hatha yoga. In this Level 2-4 class, we will emphasize techniques for moving through sequences of poses, as well as in and out of individual asanas, with grace and control. Using the principles of Iyengar yoga, we will work with alignment, momentum and flow as we move continuously through a balanced and varied practice.

Gay White has been creating dances since 1975, and teaching yoga since 1989. She studied choreography at Naropa Institute in the late 70s and with Margaret Jenkins and Brenda Way in the 80s. Gay has produced performances of her own works and the works of other artists in the Bay Area since 1983. In 1992, she founded the Yoga Garden Dancers.

Students are welcome to join the class on either on a series or a drop-in basis. For more information, call Gay at 510-204-9322.